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SEPA payment online processing

Product Overview

Our proprietary SEPA payment online processing is a payment solution that finally makes the SEPA bank transfer payment acquiring process in businesses as simple as acquiring card payments.
Our payment platform will provide unique payment details for each customer order on the merchant’s platform, allowing our payment platform to instantly identify a payment in relation to a specific order as the funds reach the bank account.
We will automatically inform the merchant, their platform, or by any other electronic means upon order completion.

How does it work?

The solution is a direct analogy to card acquiring terminals, with the same ‘pay-and-go’ approach, only instead of a credit card, the transfer is made directly from the customer’s bank account.
Similarly to card payment acquiring – we support an API implementation with your business platform in addition to an interface, where all the necessary information and reporting is easily accessible with a breakdown of each transaction.
The solution is also available in a manual configuration – with no integration required.
The merchant can generate unique payment details and an EPC QR code themselves, allowing customers to make the payments easily using their bank’s application by either scanning the QR code or simply making a transfer. 
The merchant will be notified on each transaction and will be able to access the full transaction log using our interface, allowing for an easy order tracking and management.